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Farming Simulator 2011

Farming Simulator is a driving game based on tractors in the countryside. From hay bailing to obstacle courses, this simulator brings you life in the slow rijstrook.Deze demo of Farming Simulator allows you to experience two missions: a time trial and hay bailing. The first is just a one-lap, one-man race around an obstacle course, and secondly, you have to pull a hay baler over cut wheat straw to bail. There are medals for fast times, but it is not too difficult to gold krijgen.De physics of Farming Simulator feel pretty basic. The migrants do not move very subtly, and the model does not move in suspension, so they look quite old fashioned. The graphics on the whole is functional, but not to worry the need for speed world. The sound, similarly, is acceptable but nothing more. The slow pace of action is based on an uncrowded and quiet eiland.Farming Simulator is pretty basic in terms of what it offers. There is no attempt to make fun of a farm, so if you do not enjoy tractor driving, Farming Simulator will not change your mind. For farming fans, it’s a pretty varied game, but spoiled by outdated presentatie.Farming Simulator exactly what it says it is, as long as you think farming is done on a tractor !

Train Simulator is the latest in the long-running series railroad. It is available as a stand-alone game, or a free upgrade for Train Simulator 15.

No changes will not expect a huge improvement in Train Simulator 2015. There are a few minor improvements, like the rain on the windshield, but graphically the game looks very similar, and did not look fresh. In terms of controls, it is almost onveranderd.Train Simulator please trains run along three routes, with 13 trains shared between them. Much more will be available as premium downloadable content.

Do not dial it aanrakenNet many other simulators, Train Simulator may be daunting to start. There are many checks and while everything is documented, it is still much to learn. Of course, it is ideal for train lovers, who will enjoy the details. More casual players should note that no attempt SIM train more exciting than they are doing.

Detailed and realistic, but although innovation is lacking no improvement headline Train Simulator remains the best in its class. It is the attention to detail is impressive, and to catch the different routes the spirit of their real life counterparts. simulator tries to be faithful to the drive train to be – so if that does not sound exciting, it’s sim for you. But for fans of trains, it has to go for it.

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